About us

     History of our kennel began in 1993. Earlier this year, a daughter brought home a bitch Adela Pražský rarášek. It was the first prague ratter, what we saw. Adélka charmed everyone so much that half a year after it had come to her sister Brusinka. Half a year after the Brusinka we brought from Moravia dog Andy Terka. These dogs have been several dog shows where they got the CAC, but some bigger ambitions we did not have. Brusinka gave us only two puppies.  After first birth Brusinka could have any puppies.

     In December 1999, in kennel Tarim that belongs my daughter, Elizabeth was born, that we kept it. Eliska had merit in further success of our breeding. Seamlessly it won the title of champion and gave a beautiful offspring. Her daughters Cathy and Doris are the champions. We kept offspring Fanynka. Thanks Fanynka began a new stage in our breed. In 2009, we as the father of future puppies chose  Dalimil Ranní svit.  Dalimil did not bred so as trial we bred with brown dog Endy Ranní svit. Were born two brown and one black females. Brown Háta was so nice, she stayed at home with us and we liked the brown color. Háta although is not perfect, he has received two CAJC, two of CAC but after her are beautiful offspring and extend our spectrum of colors and variety obtained championships. After Alfrédek z Pašerácké lávky we have from Háta brown Kdyšpín - junior champion, champion, grand champion. Brown Klaudie- junior champion, champion. Black Kajetána - junior champion. This year Kajeráne had a blue puppy Oldřiška.

    After Leonard Ranní svit Hate has a unique litter - two females and one male were lilac and one female brown longhair. Because both variants are rare, we could not sell them. Dog got as a gift my daughter and makes her happy. Females we kept and make us happy.